Skin Brightening Oatmeal Soap with Retinol & Collagen 175g (8 Pack Bundle) | BOGO Bundle

Skin Brightening Oatmeal Soap with Retinol & Collagen 175g (8 Pack Bundle) | BOGO Bundle


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A revolution in skin care, Secret Collagen is formulated for a variety of skin types. With the belief that beauty is for everyone, our customized fusion of restoring organic elements and the anti-age fighting ingredients of Retinol and Collagen, is designed to encourage intensive cell rejuvenation, reduce dark spots, help to minimize problematic blackheads, and provide the needed skin care regime that will help to protect and repair your skin from the signs of aging.

Working on a molecular level, Our BIO ORGANICA” COLLAGEN & RETINOL formulas assist the skin cell retinoid receptors that regulate certain skin functions. Improving skin texture and speeding up skin cell rejuvenation, which slows down as we age, Secret Collagen works to combat and assist in repairing damage, leaving your skin healthier and younger looking. 

Skin Brightening Oatmeal Soap with Retinol & Collagen

Enrich your skin with the nourishing ingredients of our Skin Brightening Oatmeal Soap with Retinol and Collagen.  Infusing your skin with the nutrients of oatmeal, helping to lock in moisture and protect your skin from exterior irritants for silky smooth skin. 

Oatmeal contains both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and as such is ideal for sensitive skin and helps to treat a variety of skin disorders. Due to antioxidant benefits, oats can help in reversing damage caused by UV rays, pollution, harsh chemicals, etc. on your skin. Also providing your skin with protein and emollient properties to preserve moisture, soothe, and nourish your skin. 

Additional Active Ingredients Include:

Retinol is an essential part of a skin care regime to boost collagen-depleted skin. In addition to boosting collagen production reducing wrinkles and fine lines, it also stimulates new blood vessels, giving the skin a rosy appearance and fading age spots.

Collagen is known for its many benefits to the skin, where it provides strength and elasticity to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.  Collagen also helps to heal inflammatory skin conditions (Including Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis)


Wet desired skin area. Massage soap into hands until a nice creamy foam has been formed. Set the bar of soap down and continue to rub your hands together. Then apply the foam to the desired skin area and leave on two-three minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry.