Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye Care Collection | Exclusive Price

Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye Care Collection | Exclusive Price


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A revolution in skin care, Secret Collagen is formulated for a variety of skin types. With the belief that beauty is for everyone, our customized fusion of restoring organic elements and the anti-age fighting ingredients of Retinol and Collagen, is designed to encourage intensive cell rejuvenation, reduce dark spots, help to minimize problematic blackheads, and provide the needed skin care regime that will help to protect and repair your skin from the signs of aging.

Working on a molecular level, Our BIO ORGANIC” COLLAGEN & RETINOL formulas assist the skin cell retinoid receptors that regulate certain skin functions. Improving skin texture and speeding up skin cell rejuvenation, which slows down as we age, Secret Collagen works to combat and assist in repairing damage, leaving your skin healthier and younger looking.
A skin care innovator, not merely by keeping pace, but by surpassing expectations with the synergistically blending of nature and leading anti-aging technological advances in Retinol, Collagen, and certified organic Argan Oil, we are committed to our promise of guaranteeing you the best quality. All products have been formulated and tested by the expertise of leading chemists.

Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye Daily Gel 1.69 fl oz
Cool and soothe your skin with our Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye Gel.  A Bio-Organic fusion of Retinol and Collagen with other restoring ingredients is designed specifically to combat the fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, particularly those annoying crow’s feet. Formulated for the delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes, our light gel helps cool and soothe the skin while also providing skin hydration for younger looking eyes.

• Cooling and Soothing
• Hydrates
• Restores Elasticity
• Reduces Wrinkles

Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye Night Serum 1.69 fl oz
Revitalize the skin around your eyes with our Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night Serum.  A Bio-Organic fusion of Retinol and Collagen with other restoring ingredients that helps to rebuild your skin and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles at night while you sleep. Our eyes, the most vulnerable to sun damage and environmental damage, this serum works to absorb quickly and penetrates deep to infuse your skin with needed vitamins for healthier and younger looking skin.

• Soothing
• Moisturizing
• Tone Restoring
• Wrinkle Reducing

Rapid Wrinkle Repair Cool Gel Eye Sachets - 12 pc
Say Goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes with our Rapid Repair Cool Gel Eye Sachets! Regenerating the skin cells and slowing the aging process, with the conditioning properties of Collagen and other “Bio-Organic” ingredients, our breakthrough Cool Gel Sachets, help to improve elasticity, reduce age spots, and remove dark circles caused by eye fatigue and environmental factors. Leaving your skin looking and feeling younger! Both our Cell Renewal Collagen & Oxygen & Vitamin E, A, & C Rapid Repair Cool Gel Eye Sachets included, this complete Set is designed for all skin types and is the perfect Non-Surgical solution in helping to turn back the hands of time.

• Hydrates & Replenishes
• Regenerates Cells
• Improves Elasticity & Evens Skin Tone.
• Fight the Signs of Aging
• Protects from Damaging UV Rays